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How to Worship? He's not looking for Perfect

I know some of us can get intimidated about worshipping God. Perhaps we've never seen examples of what this looks like, or maybe we don't know how or where to start from, or perhaps we're afraid to start.

Wherever you may land on those mentioned above, I'm here to tell you that it's okay if you feel these things because today, we're going to look at ways you can begin to approach worshipping God. When you hear worship, it may seem like the only way to do it is through singing and some might even think only singing slow songs; we shouldn't look at it like that. We should open up our minds to think about what it means to worship (take a moment to think).

The definition of worship is to express a reverence (deep respect) or adoration towards God. In my terms: It's giving honor where honor is due. So how can you show God that you respect Him, that you adore Him, and that you honor Him?

Here are five ways you can begin to worship God:

  1. Acknowledge Him: start by acknowledging God throughout your day, not just in the morning and night. But, during a class, while working with a co-worker, washing the dishes, hanging with friends, commuting, or eating a meal. By simply acknowledging Him, whether, by word of thanks or seeking His presence, you are honoring His position in your life and showing that you have a deep appreciation for Him.

  2. Give: You can worship through giving. You can start by giving back to your household (your home must be in order), the church (tithes & offering & first/last fruit), your community, and others nearby. By giving, you're not only saying thank you to Him, but you also honor that He has blessed you to be a blessing.

  3. Offer Your Time: Offer Him your time. There are 24 hours in a day; it is not too much for you to give Him 10% of that time to worship Him. This means spending time in His presence whether by reading the Holy Bible or speaking words of thanks and honor, calling Him by His many names (Jehovah, Ebenezer, God of Abraham, King of Kings, the list goes on), singing songs that exalt Him (and if you feel like you can't sing or don't know the words to a song then play music and sing along, He's not looking for perfect, He's looking for worship - you'll eventually learn)

  4. Attend Service: Attend service, lots of services are super short these days anyway. Don't make excuses for not attending church on Sundays. There's a reason the church exists and that's to hear & learn the word so that you can grow in the word, have community, and worship with other believers. The church is good for your soul, so make sure you find a church home that pours into your soul and helps your growth. By attending, you're saying I honor the gift of the church and respect this holy day.

  5. Be You: This may be an unexpected one but believe it or not, it is more honorable to God that you be you. Be the person He created you to be, don't hold back who you are because of fear. If you're not sure who you are, speak to Him, ask for His clarity and direction. He created all of us; He knew us before our parents knew us. & We're called to honor Him with our lives, and when all is said and done, we want Him to say, 'this is my child, in whom I am well pleased,' so be you.

Remember, He's not looking for perfect; He's looking for honor, reverence, acknowledgment.


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