This podcast is hosted by Olayinka, the show is driven to explore those unseen, unheard, and lost moments in our lives to help us unravel the seen, heard, and found moments. Why? Well, because these moments bring us closer to fulfilling purpose. We need to use these moments as a directive to find our confidence because when we put life into perspective we recognize that it is a journey of becoming through overcoming by faith and hope.


Inspiring content. A must-listen for all young women looking to be great. It has helped me grow closer to God.

Mercedes Augusta

“I love how authentic this podcast is, and it hits things down to its core. It's rare to find podcast that you can relate with every single episode, or every episode has you checking yourself. Amazing content Yinka! May GOD continue to speak through you. This podcast has motivated me in a big way to press in and start my own podcast. It has influenced me to spread GOD's Word and also speak to the youth of this generation and use the gift that GOD has given me."

Felicia Adesina

"An amazing God-filled podcast that has taught me a lot & has given me a different outlook on life."


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