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I know it's been a year, and reflecting on it might not feel like the thing you want to do. As I was looking back and thinking about all the things we all probably set out to do, I realized how things might not have gone according to plan. And reflecting on it may be, well, painful, or maybe it was great for you. Either way, to help you in your reflection, I've created a workbook!

Take a first look inside:

As you participate, I only have four requests:

  1. Be honest.

  2. Be intentional.

  3. Have fun.

  4. And if it blesses you, share it with someone else.

I pray that this blesses you in more ways than one and that God captures your heart and gives you the vision for the future that lies ahead of you. May He uplift you, enrich you, and empower you for the life of more that He has promised all of the Children of Zion. In Jesus name, Amen!

You can access your copy below:

TOLDBYOLAY_Year in Review_2020
Download PDF • 345KB


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