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For 2021, we are believing in the promise of abundance. I believe God wants to keep those who are called by His name under the covering of abundance this year. I also believe that we will have to open our eyes to understand that this abundance isn't limited to material things, but it's for us to experience an abundance of Him.

But, to truly experience God's abundance we must abandon fear and take on God's promise of freedom. What do I mean by this?

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Well, God tells us that in Christ we have freedom and that when we seek Him and His Kingdom with all our heart (diligently) then all of these things (his riches in glory) will be added on to us. Let me provide some clarity around all of these things, it isn't materialistic. God's blessings aren't just about acquiring items. It's about the nourishing of your soul that you can't get from anywhere else. It's about the peace of God that surpasses all understanding and it's about the grace that carries us beyond our own limitations. Out of these things comes abundance in every area of our lives.

You can and should be specific in your prayers about where you want there to be an abundance. His word tells us to make our request known unto Him.

And why must we abandon fear? Let's look at fear like a tree. At the root of it, there is worry, insecurity, timidity, lack, and so many other things. Now if fear is a tree and these are its root, what kind of tree is it? I'd say a barren one because these aren't the kind of roots that can bear good fruit.

Think about it, how much were you able to accomplish when all you felt was worried or insecure? How much confidence did you have when your mind focused on what was lacking and when you shrunk yourself under the gauze of 'I'm shy'? A tree in this state can't grow and thrive as it should and we were meant to survive and thrive during our time on earth. It's time we allow God to water our tree and change the status of the roots of fear to freedom.

If you take on the heart of abundance and seek God first in all things, He's going to respond. My last question for you is do you know how to seek him? Seeking and serving God is a lifestyle just as we need the nourishment of sleep, food, and water for our lives to be vitalized, we need God daily.

Your abundance in 2021 is rooted in PRAYER, HIS WORD, ALONE TIME WITH HIM, PRAISE and WORSHIP, and anything else God reveals to you as a requirement of His call on your life.


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