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Loving Me and You

I salute you fam because you have been doing your thing. You've been doing amazing things that many have not been seen but don't worry because and it's okay to be amazing in private. God sees your efforts and I'm simply here to tell you that you're doing a great job. And even though you don't need validation from people, sometimes it's necessary to know that you are doing something that is worth celebrating.

Struggling or not, you've made it this far. So, I pour out an abundance of love onto you and your work. I pray that you would take this covering with peace of mind and joy in your heart knowing

that the power of your impact is necessary and beneficial. Be reminded that sometimes you being you is more important for the sake of others than it is for your own.

So go on, keep doing your thing.

Don't stop now, pick yourself up, lift your chin off the ground and take a moment to clap for yourself. Clap to God, and express gratitude for your progress. I love you and what you're doing. Even if you haven't taken on a huge initiative, simply getting up and choosing you and God every day is more than enough. And I would be remiss not to tell you that. So, I publicly love on you, appreciate you, and uplift you.

With love, Olayinka


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