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There's Level to this Faith

Faith isn't limited by sight; it's the opposite because it is the truth by which we trust in what we cannot see. Having faith is a miracle in and of itself. If you at least have faith in God right now, pat yourself on the back because even having that level of faith is difficult for many.

Speaking of levels, have you ever thought about faith on levels?

I have, and what I have come to realize is that it is indeed similar to levels (like in a shopping mall). As we grow in age, we also grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Whether we attempt to or not, someway, somehow, we learn; and through our learning, we gain new insight into the world and our individual lives and the way they work. So with the understanding, I believe that as we take steps towards growth in our faith, our level of confidence also changes.

Think about school...we're expected to learn and apply the information we learn, and when all of the coursework is successfully completed, we're permitted to go on to the next grade level. The same applies to our faith in God -- We're expected to learn more about God every day, and the more we learn, the more we grow (super cliche, I know). But the reality is we can't go to the next level if we don't get what we need for growth.

The most talented people in their industries/fields put in the work to become the best - they study, they apply, they study, and they apply to meet their goals. And they don't stop until they meet their goal and they do this over and over again at every level they reach. We should keep that same energy when it comes to our faith. What if you used that same energy to get you to where you want and need to be in your faith?

Here's my recommendation:

Identify the areas in your faith that you can improve then use that same energy mentioned above to grow.

Some areas for growth:



Reading & studying The Bible

Community (church, small groups, etc.)

(the list is not limited to these - you can comment areas that you want to grow in, below)

These are just some areas for growth. The area that you can improve on is dependent on you. It depends on where you are in life, what God has for you, and where God wants to take you. What's critical is to remember that when we do these things, there will be a shift in our understanding of who God is as well as His word, therefore increasing our faith level.

When we know Him, we can trust Him more. So, yes, faith is, in fact, trust, but it is also a form of discipline. It is a form of discipline because to continue the growth process, we have to apply ourselves. We have to be consistent, and we must new ways to learn. Not only do you need the discipline to be consistent, but you need it to be able to find those new ways to grow in faith without the need to depend on others alone. Our faith in God requires us to try our best every day to continue growing in our level of understanding.

I don't think we'll ever truly be able to reach the highest level of faith if we do not begin making our Faith in God the center of our lives. If you do want to reach that high level of faith then try my recommendation. You can start simple, start small or start big; it doesn't really matter so long as you start and remain consistent you'll be off to a bright future and directly into higher faith.

Remember, all things are possible with the help of the Almighty God. Take on the month of August with a growth mindset and take things to the next level.


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