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Let's Talk About Jesus

When I think about the goodness of God, I have to think about Jesus. I mean, God sent His one and only son to come and show us how to live righteously and for Him to be that living sacrifice for our sake. The life, purpose, and truth of Jesus are truly mind-blowing.

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Jesus Talk

Jesus was blameless and yet, He was prosecuted as though He did wrong. And in the end, every wrong, every sin of the world was on display as His body laid limp against the cross. If you think about all the sin of you alone and times that by the world as a whole, then you can begin to imagine the gravity of what He carried just for us. And for what? Why did He bear it all for us?

No. 1: OBEDIENCE: God sent Him into the world to do it, to be the sacrificial lamb. Because...

No. 2: If not, the wickedness of the world would have conquered us. As you see in verse 10:10 of John, the enemy who is the ruler of the earth has no other plan for us other than to steal, kill, and destroy our portion. WHY?

No. 3: The devil, the angel of darkness, hates us and hates that God gave us humans dominion over the earth instead of him. And for that reason alone, he carries out wicked schemes against us to destroy our salvation.WHY?

No. 4: Because salvation is what gets us the relationship with God. It’s what allows us to experience all of God on Earth and grants us access to the kingdom of Heaven, which guarantees us eternal life, along with everlasting peace and joy.

Jesus came into the world for our sake, for our freedom, for us to have the abundant life God desires for us to have so that we would not fall prey to the hand of the enemy. His blood is a reminder of what happened on Calvary. It’s an access point to the freedom released on the 3rd day. In this freedom, the revelation of Jesus overcoming the world begins to alarm our spirit positively.

No. 5: Because in this, we realize that when He rose from the grave, He silenced the work of the enemy because He overcame the evil they released onto Him. All of the sins He bore on the cross were no more; every persecution was silenced when He silenced death. It proved that Jesus Christ has no rivals, and even if a man chooses not to believe, God would always prove Himself.

No. 6: There wasn't only power in his death and resurrection; His ascension into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God allowed the Holy Spirit to descended for our sake. Released so we wouldn’t be left alone on this Earth and so that we could freely commune with God (there goes that freedom again). This part is a testament to how much God loves us. It also is a constant reminder of His promise through Jesus. "We have life and have it abundantly."

If not for the Holy Spirit, our faith would be limited to the priest, pastors, and Pharisees; it would just be religion, but you see, we all get to be in close learning proximity of God just as the disciples were with Jesus because of this Spirit. Jesus even says to His disciples that He'll send an advocate, and it will be within us, and He will be within us.

No. 7: The advocate is the Holy Spirit, and it does so much for us when we know we have it. When we focus on it, it aligns and directs us, connects us to the Father, helps us pray, and reveals things of the spirit to us.

So, you see why the mystery of Jesus is mindblowing and a pillar of our faith; how we connect with God, how we live out our faith, how we experience the freedom all ties back to Jesus, the son of God.


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