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Fashionista? It's in us and it's an attitude

Hi loves,

Fashion Weeks been happening all throughout the month of February. While most things are happening virtually the experience is still an exclusive one, but I'd say fashion isn't exclusive to those who get to participate or contribute to the shows. We've all got a bit of fashionista in us; this brings me to what I want to explore today...

I want to explore what it means to be a fashionista. By definition, it is someone who is a devoted follower of fashion. But, if we're being honest anyone can be a fashionista regardless of how deeply and closely they follow fashion. To me, a fashionista is someone who loves fashion, has an appreciation for style, and likes to use fashion as their microphone for expression.


How can fashion be used as a microphone?

Well, it really begins when we recognize the power that our outward appearance holds. I've always been an advocate for dressing to impress. Not necessarily impress others but to impress yourself. You want to feel confident and powerful in what you put on no matter where you're going. When you're impressed by your appearance you walk a little differently, your head is held high and you add a little bit of strut to your step. Is it just me? Am I the only one who adds a bit of spice to my attitude when I know I look good?

Seriously, think about this with me. When you pull up to your job or class or anywhere for that matter looking like you just got paid, And you think to yourself man I definitely need to get a picture today, and you catch a couple of people peeping your fit, you can't tell me you don't be feeling yourself.

You do, I know you do and you should. You should feel yourself, you should be proud of the clothes you're in and the look you created. I think a true fashionista appreciates the way they feel in what they put on. A true fashionista understands that it isn't just about the clothes but it's about how the clothes make them feel and what they say about them before they even say a word.

So what does it mean to be a fashionista?

I believe to be a fashionista you unapologetically own your identity and find your voice through the expression of your fashion choices and style. As a fashionista, you amplify a room whenever you enter because the confidence you exude is undeniable.

I want to encourage you to tap into the inner fashionista, shake some tables and own everything about yourself. Walk with your head held high and never forget that your first impression is that lasting impression.

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