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Spring is Calling: Fashion Guide

Spring, we've waited for you in what has felt like the longest Winter ever. I don't about you all, but on my side of town it snowed consistently in February and we haven't had a winter like that in a few years. But, we're here now. We're ready to jump into Spring and to do it in style.

Now let me get y'all ready with this Spring Style Guide: Colors, Trends & Comfort!

Something to note: '80s & '90s fashion is subtly being revived - get ready to see some old trends re-emerged with a modern spin.

Here are the colors and textiles you should consider include in your spring looks:

  • Pastels, Shine, Abstract Prints, Patterns & Patchwork

Let's get into the trends:

  • Midaxi (Midi & Maxi) The perfect balance of two trends

  • Statement Sleeves remerged around 2019 and continue to take on inspiration from the '80s as it transforms into looks that can work for all body types

  • Jumpsuits & Overalls, a quick look that saves us from our quarantine fashion blues, this trend is likely a reflection of comfortability needs since shifting from dressing for events to dressing up for ourselves

  • Loose & Wide Leg Pants, there is no denying some of us got carried away with cozy bottoms but this trend gives us the same effect as sweat pants except they give you cozy without looking entirely underdressed

  • Matching Sets, similar to the last two but this is more about the luxe comfort of these sets coming for everyone and in every category. Whether it be a style in athleisure, lounge, night out, or day time; prepare to see options in every category because the people have spoken and we love a good set.


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