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Mint is the New Black

I did a poll on Instagram asking people which look book they wanted to see. Mint is the New Black came in the first place! So, I pulled some of my favorite mint pieces from my closet and put this look book together. I hope you enjoy the video!

Look 1:

Look 2:

  • Dress, Nasty Gal

  • Handbag, Cult Gia (the birthday gift)

  • Shoes, Guess (purchased at Marshalls)

Look 3:

Look 4:

Still in doubt about mints potential?

I would like to say that mint has been making it's self a staple item in my closet and I've noticed that it's becoming a common item in clothing collections. It definitely feeds into the muted tones aesthetic which I think a lot of us are big fans of. I say mint is the new black because it really does look good on everyone. and not only that when I see it, it truly feels like a vibe, a feel-good vibe, you know? I mean have you seen Tobe Nwigwe's latest projects? Mint everywhere! He definitely knows the vibe.


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