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Won't He Do It

I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for God to release some things to me this month. I'm over here like Lord; you don't even have to knock the door is open; come on and release this blessing. When I started the year, I committed to allowing God to just flow in my life and flow He has. With committing to His flow, it has also called me to be one with Him timing. The difficulty in this is that sometimes when I'm ready, He isn't ready to release it, and I have to humbly wait.

Is it just me, or does waiting humbly feel like an oxymoron...because when you think about it, the waiting period is frustrating. When you have to wait for something you believe you're ready for, it doesn't necessarily stir up feelings of humility. But, any-who what I'm trying to say is that when we have to move at the pace that God has set, we have to remove all notions of ego to remain faithful and grateful.

And now that we're nearing the end of this year, I'm reminded of His name as the God of the Eleventh Hour. The God who shows up when it looks like time is running out. The God who does the most when you least expect it. That's the kind of God I serve. And the funniest part of it all is that while we may think the time has gone, He probably thinks child the time has barely passed (makes sense for the One who has time & seasons in His hands).

This is the perfect time for the God of the Eleventh Hour to show up and surprise us.

Tell Him: God, I'm waiting and ready for my breakthrough. Give me a new song and new testimony. For I've waited, and I will do it again because I believe that your word is true, yes, and amen. You've proven yourself time and time again, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I thank you in advance for the testimonies, the victories, and the conquers. Nothing can compare to your great and mighty love. I exalt you and call you Lord of all. Thank you, Jehovah!

Here's what I believe: God is about to show up and show out for some of us. He's about to do the unthinkable in our lives, adding victories to our testimonies. We've believed, and we've prayed, and He's answering us now.

Show Him your gratitude: Thank Him in advance because He has already turned every difficult situation around for your good. He is silencing every fear and amplifying every victory. Lift His name high, Let His glory be seen, and magnify His faithfulness. If you know, He's been good to you, go ahead and tell everyone you know because there's more of where those blessings are coming from, and there's more to go around. He's a God of abundance, and abundance is what He pours out. And as He's pouring it on you, let it begin to overflow onto others. Let His eleventh-hour blessing be heard and seen from the mountaintops.

If you need an extra boost, listen to these songs to encourage you:

Hills & Valleys (Tauren Wells)

Won't He Do It (Koryn Hawthorne)

We Rise Playlist (My Spotify Playlist)


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