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You're Almost There

Oftentimes around this time of year, I find myself doing a lot of self self-convincing about what I'm capable of accomplishing. It's not that I don't have the confidence, but it's that life has a way of feeling like it's moving faster than I can keep up, and it's as if I've accomplished nothing.

But, I have to stop myself right there because this negative thought pattern hinders my progress and diminishes what God has done so far. So to remedy this, I pick up my word and use it as a point of reference, and I pray, asking God to step in, to reassure me, to renew me, and to do really what only He can do.

Since June is the bridge that gets us to the official second half of the year, we often see the enemy waging war against us, whether in our minds, finances, work, etc. He uses small tactics that can become bigger issues for us as it stifles our progress, almost appearing as though we haven't moved closer to that place victory we entered into the year believing we would.

Today, I want to encourage us that as we remain faithful, we deepen our understanding of God, and we pray continually God will not abandon us or let us go astray. We as believers have to understand that the enemy doesn't desire for us to be successful or to continue to trust in God; he wants the opposite. So, with this knowledge and understanding that he uses the same tactics repeatedly, we know that while he may be smart, the wisdom that comes from the Lord is far greater, and we can overcome anything. After all, in Christ, we're overcomers because He overcame.

And that's why God's words tell us though the vision may tarry (delay or linger in expectation), pray, wait and be steadfast. If God is a man of His word and the enemy is a deceiver, who do you want to give dominion over your mind to? I'd say, God!

So, in this season, as we step into July 2021, trust that God has you. Go deeper because He's got your back, and no matter what comes your way, He's going to carry you through it all. And if you don't believe me, that's cool, you can look to Joseph, heck, look to Jesus!


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